Some Easy Steps to Make a Long Car Trip Fun

Trips can be more enjoyable if you can have more fun. In this case, it does not mean it’s money, because the experience is a good thing to consider when traveling. If you want to enjoy your trip, you can choose a long car trip that will be great for you because you can see many things on the road so you can make your trip truly wonderful for you.

Components of a perfect road trip

Planning the perfect trip is not easy.

Tip 1: Allow flexibility in your plan

Obviously, you will need to know when you start, when you return, and generally where you will go in the points between them. Many families, however, have a view of the basic human need for flexibility. A road trip is designed to allow a much higher degree of freedom than ever allows for an airplane trip.

This freedom comes from the ability to investigate new locations and points of interest when they appear. Exploiting this advantage requires leaving at least some space in the itinerary to explore these paths.

Traveling on the rail will often agree on a particular report. For example, a 3: 1 ratio can be used. That means if the trip has a total of 12 days, nine are planned, but three are deliberately left open.

Tip 2: Visit at least one old friend

Road trips are ideal to reach (literally) friends who you probably have not seen for years. Because it is very convenient for an old friend to get a visit (no excursion is necessary on their part), these friends will probably be delighted by the visit.

Many families traveling on the road will have time to visit family or in-law relationships. This is certainly a positive thing. But also consider the time to see an old friend or two along the way.

Tip 3: Get the vehicle in advance

Having a tire or windshield is probably inevitable. But there is a platitude of other aspects of routine maintenance, which, if we are well involved in it, will substantially reduce the probabilities of a problem.
Experimenting with a vehicle problem along a road trip is not fun at all.

Even worse, it has the potential to seriously compromise the rest of the program. Investing a little time to serve your car in advance will pay dividends on the way.

This will not only improve driver and passenger comfort but also improve people’s spirits, as the strain and fatigue will be diminished.

Tip 4: Set up a family conference while on the road

There are chances that some of your family members would not have been on their way. They could be grandparents, older brothers, cousins, etc. In any case, there will probably be other family members who want to hear how things happen on the road.

A journey on the road can be a great way to see outdoors, visit old friends and generate fun memories. The tips covered in this article will help ensure an extraordinary experience especially by use of car trips.


With the variety of exciting places to go for a vacation, you’ll not miss a chance to take your family for a trip. Before you make a plan on where to visit and the means of transport, there are options to consider when looking to fully enjoy the adventure. When you don’t own that type of car suitable for a road trip, what should you do? Well, you have nothing to worry about. Every time you want to travel, rent a convertible if you need something special.

Now as a backpacker who fancy road trips travel, what should you put in place? Well, a guide on main features can help to give you a glimpse of what you need. Check off the following:

Spacious size of convertible

Convertible cars range in size between two-seat roadsters and four-seaters. Even if the vehicle seats more than two, however, while there are some models which have normal space for adults in the rear of the car, the majority have only enough room for children.
When it comes to luggage space, convertible cars are limited by the rooftop being folded down. With the top pulled up, however, some models offer a decent amount of cargo space. The best way to whether you’ll have enough room for your needs is by checking boot space that you can put your luggage you’ll need to carry.

Safety measures while on road trip

Advance convertibles usually feature a fixed or pop-up roll bar protecting the passengers if a rollover accident occurs.
Most convertibles have small rear windows, which creates large blind spots. If you’re extra vigilant about safety, you’ll ideally want to go for models that offer blind-spot warning systems, parking sensors and rearview cameras.
Modern convertibles will have side airbags that deploy from the seats as a standard, and it’s a good idea to choose this as an extra feature on a less expensive drop top. Look out for airbags that extend upward to protect the head, since convertibles don’t have the protective side curtains that solid-roof vehicles provide.

The following are ideas on why you should rent a convertible car for your family:

• To experience the freedom of movement
• It provides you with the comfort you deserve
• They come with top-down design
• Convertible has improved safety measure
• Suitably for fair-weather travelers

There is nothing interesting like looking out the while driving along beautiful sceneries. So with your convertible car, you’ll just need to let the convertible top drift back into the truck. This gives you an exciting opportunity to see all the classic art of all kinds, breathe the fresh air, watch the beauty of nature, and feel the brilliant sunshine while taking a drive. Perhaps this is one of the ways to melt away all of your worries.

Let no one limit you from what you find interesting and gives you a sense of comfort while travelling. Trust me; you may not have an excuse as to why you should not rent a convertible. The moment you’ll take your road trip with this car, I’m quite certain that you’ll find the value of expense no matter how much budget you out on it. So why should you limit yourself? Go ahead and treat your family by checking out convertible car rental.

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Free Food and Cocktails for Ladies: TOP Ladies’ Day Deals in Dubai

Do you know something about the ladies’ day in Emirates? Yeah, it is strange to hear but ladies days are available in this strict Arabian country also. You may come to the pool territory on a lady’s day and try local drinks, food for free or with a big sale. This is your chance to have a glorious weekend! How can it be? Free drinks, cheap snacks and VIP attractions are usually offered for Dubai ladies’ nights.

Now, you have an opportunity to enjoy ladies days. Their meaning is new and undiscovered yet. In generally, you are offered to visit some of Dubai’s best pools for free, get free drinks and even lunch. Remember also that Dubai trip needs a car to go here and there over the city. Dubai car rental locations can help to find the best city offer to taste food and have fun for free.

Spicy Korean Pork Belly Happy Buns

Nasimi Beach on Sundays

Nasimi Beach welcomes ladies for one day a week from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. You are offered to have fun in the pool and beach territory, enjoy free cocktails and choose something for lunch from the club menu. The price for lunch dish must be no more than Dhs105.

Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah, 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., Dhs105.

Coco on 8 on Sundays

Coco on 8 can surprise you with a pleasant outdoor territory in the Media One Hotel. Every Sunday the women are free to come. The number of free services for ladies include pool access, unlimited cocktails, light snacks from the period of 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Yeah, this must be the longest party day for girls in Dubai.

Media Hotel, 12 p.m. to 10 p.m., free entrance.

Barasti Beach on Sundays & Mondays

There is a new attractive pool platform on Barasti Beach! What is more, they welcome ladies not for one but two days a week. Every Sunday and Monday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. you can get free towels, pool, 50% off for drinks and lunch from the menu. Of course, the prices are not cheap, but sales are attractive.

Barasti Beach, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., free entrance.


Azure Beach on Mondays & Tuesdays

This JBR beach spot is considered to be the noisiest place in the city. You can meet new friends, have fun, enjoy pleasant water and pool attractions on Tuesdays and Mondays. You cannot find free bites here but you can choose a free cocktail.

Rixos Premium, JBR, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Zero Gravity on Tuesdays

The huge territory of Zero Gravity is the funniest place ever to take some rest, listen to popular DJs, eat tasty dishes for free. No doubts that this place is prestigious to visit. You can use all club attractions for free only if you are in the guest list. Try to come earlier to take the most comfortable seat, the tastiest food, fresh drinks. What about food? You can order it on your own.

Dubai Marina, free entrance with guest list.

Drai’s on Tuesdays

The tradition to organize parties for women is new for Drai’s. Every Tuesday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. you can enjoy light drinks, sun beds and snacks for free. There is a chance to see the weekly performances also. What a good chance to have girl party at the pool!

Drai’s, Soho Garden, 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Summer relaxation

Nikki Beach Club on Tuesdays

Nikki Club opens the door for ladies on Tuesdays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can enjoy the fruit cocktails and light snacks for Dhs130. If you think that it is enough to pay money and feel free, you are wrong. The beach club is very popular. So, you need reservation. Traditionally, if you want to take the beast seats at the pool or at the beach bar, try to come earlier.

Nikki Beach Club, Pearl Jumeirah, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Dhs130.

Cove Beach on Wednesdays

This party here may be the brightest in the Arabian capital and your memory. The women are organized to spend time on a pool lounge, have free-cocktails, light snacks. Actually, you can order everyone from the menu. The price for entrance is Dhs100. The place is atmospheric for parties. You can see the marvelous views of the Burj Al Arab. Popular DJs are specially invited for the whole day to entertain your friends with music.

Cove Beach, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Dhs100.

Riva Beach on Wednesdays

Riva Beach decided to invite ladies on Wednesday to call it Bella Wednesdays. The party is not free but you can take your friend with you for the same price. That means Dhs100 for two. Good music and free food is all you need for relaxation. The entrance for women opened from early 7 a.m. until midnight. Can you imagine this?

Palm Jumeirah, Wednesdays 7 a.m. to 12 a.m., Dhs100 for two persons.

Views of the Resort

Andreeas on Thursdays and Saturdays

Andreeas’ are waiting for ladies on Thursday for Dhs125. This is a place where you can spend pleasant time at the pool, biting, drinking, enjoying fruits. The pool boasts the water bar and DJ’s tracks. You can spend the whole day in a shiny pool with a tasty cocktail in your hand.

Dubai Marina, 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., Dhs125.

Penthouse, FIVE Palm Jumeirah on Saturdays

It sounds cool! The party is waiting for you on a top of the most popular hotel in Emirates. This must be the most impressive viewy place for lady’s day. The rooftop pool territory opens the hospitable door in the Penthouse on The Palm from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Such a popular place cannot make a free entrance. You should pay Dhs149 to swim in the pool, drink wine, fruits, cocktails and hot drinks at the bar. If you pay Dhs249 you are invited to enjoy unlimited wine, fresh cocktails and light snacks. For Dhs350 you get prosecco and lunch on the roof. Traditionally for Arabian countries, the price for viewy platform will be the highest one.

Tips for Lone Travelers: Backpacking to Puerto Rico

When you hear the phrase solo adventure, you firstly think of travelling somewhere to Iceland, Miami, but not Puerto Rico. Nevertheless, Puerto Rico is an amazing place to go on a solo trip! Solo trip makes you to stop whenever you want to visit more than touristic places but mist-have attractions. Puerto Rico is good for backpacking to see historical places, cultural and architectural treasure. You have lot of natural sights to discover and huge territories to explore. It must be unforgettable adventure!

Best Time to Go

Of course, the best time to visit Puerto Rico is off-season. The peak of the touristic season is summer all over the world. In the Caribbean platform summer comes with the arrival of heavy rains and storm. This rainy weather makes the hotel prices fall down. This is the period you can book a room in the hotel for cheaper price. Just think how lucky you are to book a room in 4 stars hotel for the price of the standard suit of 2 stars hotel. Off season is rather helpful for budget tourists. That’s why try to plan your backpacking trip beforehand and check the weather of the country you are travelling to.

Beach girls

Travel to Puerto Rico and around

Getting to Puerto Rico is easy. All world popular airlines are available in San Juan’s airport. You can book a flight from American or Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines. The planes are situated at the airport of San Juan or Luis Munoz Marin International Airport. If you want to travel somewhere on the island you can use such airlines like Iberia, Copa, Spirit Airlines, and United Airlines. It’s not a problem to hire a car from car rental Puerto Rico under 25 location just in the airport and build up your trip on your own way. Don’t think of taking taxi! Of course, taxi can be helpful to travel over the city. Your bad Spanish can be helpful, especially for solo travellers.

As you know, Puerto Rico is not a country of one city. It is a territory full of must-visit attractions that make you travel by car or scooter. Bicycle is good for short distances and scooter is good only for sunny weather.

Must-Visit Attractions in San Juan

The best places to visit in the historic district of Puerto Rico’s capital start from the capitol building that is named El Capitolio. You should also visit El Morro Castle, San Juan Cathedral, Fort San Cristobal. The city welcomes you with art galleries. Jump in your car and go outside the city to see Puerto Rican Museum of Art and long line of the amazing beaches like El Escambron and Ocean Park. Don’t worry about being hungry. There are many colorful restaurants in the city and around to serve tasty dishes. The old part of the capital is full of atmospheric coffee shops. San Juan is safe city to visit solo.

Fort San Cristobal Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Must-Visit Attractions around the Capital

The city suburbs welcome all backpackers for spending time in adventures. The things cannot go another way as Puerto Rican natural sights are amazing. The main places to visit are Serralles Castle, Tibes Indigenous Ceremonial Center, La Guancha. Save some time to spend for a visit to the Old Ponce Fire Station, which is the main attraction in Ponce. Don’t forget that you are in the coffee motherland. You have a chance to visit coffee plantations. All visitors learn about the coffee making business, sorts of local coffee. The best restaurants to taste coffee and more are right here – Cabo Rojo, Vieques, and Mayaguez, among others.

Puerto Rico Cabo Rojo Lighthouse Faro de Los Morrillos

Places to Eat

Dining in Puerto Rico can be harmful for your health because of street food cheap attractions. Everything is fried, stewed, crispy and aromatic to challenge your appetite. Of course, the street food is cheap and delicious. Nevertheless, you can try to dine in the local restaurants also. Here are just a few recommendations:

San Juan Restaurants

Looking for cheap food, you should buy it from the food kiosks in Puerto Rico. They sell different sorts of fries and bite-sized snacks. A visit to the ones in Pinones and Luquillo should not be missed.

Panaderias, the popular local bakery, has an impressive choice of pastry. This is can be a good place to visit for lunch dessert or morning coffee.

Helpful Tips for a Puerto Rico Trip

You can find a lot of helpful tips on the web. Traditionally, all solo travellers try to learn as much as they can about the country. You may read related articles and feedbacks from people who travelled there before. Here are some advices you may hear: take comfortable shoes especially in the Old part of San Juan and while you are; don’t forget and umbrella from the rain and sunblock from the sun in the tropical forest; use comfortable clothes of natural materials; bring some clothes for restaurants in case of dress code. There are many other tips you can discover on your own.

Hostel Life

If you want to travel solo, you want to spend your budget wisely. All backpackers prefer staying in the hostels. This is also the easiest way to meet new friends or travel companions. You can continue your trip together! As far as Puerto Rico is good for hiking, climbing and other active touristic attractions, the hostels are hospitable for all tourists. You will definitely meet with travellers just like you, men or women, who will inspire you and help to find the best way and the most interesting places. This must be the atmosphere to take and give advances, share travelling experience.

If you want to travel solo, but you feel bored to spend your time alone, you should live in a hostel. You can even join the company to travel together or make party this night. The people here are simple and adventures. You are recommended to make a stop at Mango Mansion. Of course, there are plenty of hostels, but Mango Mansion is still considered to be the most friendly and attractive to stay. Everything depends on your travelling route.